Spotlight: Selected NICHD Research Advances of 2020: Text Alternative

Spotlighting Populations of Interest During COVID-19

Girl wearing protective face mask.

People with intellectual or developmental disabilities and children are central to NICHD’s history and establishment.

Learn how we ensure these populations are not overlooked in COVID-19 research efforts.

Understanding the Effects of COVID-19 on Pregnant Women

Pregnant woman with a face mask lying on an examination room table.

NICHD is committed to helping pregnant women and their families safeguard their health during the pandemic.

Learn more about our efforts to understand the effects of COVID-19 on pregnancy.

Addressing Health Disparities

An African American woman smiling at the baby she’s holding in her arms.

2020 brought greater societal awareness on systemic racism and disparities in our country.

Learn how NICHD research addresses health disparities, particularly in the context of women’s health and pregnancy.

Improving Access to Clinical Trials

A man and a pregnant woman sitting together on a couch, looking at something on the tablet the woman is holding.

NICHD research helps ensure access to clinical trials so that people from all backgrounds can benefit from advances in biomedical research.

Learn how the institute is improving access for clinical trial participation.

Leading Research on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

A young boy with Down syndrome laughing as he plays with building blocks.

NICHD’s namesake, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, was an advocate for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

True to our history and mission, learn how the institute is leading research on intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Advancing Women’s Health

Two women wearing protective face masks link arms and walk together.

NICHD has supported women’s health research since our establishment in 1962.

Learn how the institute is advancing women’s health, from supporting menstruation research to developing new contraceptives.

Understanding Fertility and Pregnancy Loss

A couple holding hands as they sit and listen to a healthcare provider.

Infertility, miscarriage, and stillbirth affect countless families across the world.

Learn how NICHD supports research to better understand fertility and ways to prevent pregnancy loss.

Promoting Healthy Pregnancy, Labor, and Delivery

A smiling child hugging her mother and holding hands with her father.

NICHD supports research to promote healthy pregnancies, optimizing the lifelong health of mother, child, and family.

Learn more about the institute’s research on pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Improving Infant and Child Health

Parents and their infant, all wearing protective face masks, walking outdoors.

NICHD is committed to improving the health of infants and children.

Learn about our research on preterm birth, children’s screen time, and more.

Understanding and Treating Pediatric Conditions

A boy sitting in a wheelchair at a table, eating a meal with his family.

NICHD research aims to prevent and treat a variety of diseases and conditions that affect infants, children, and adolescents.

Learn more about preventing and treating pediatric conditions.

Advancing Adolescent Health

Parents and their three children sitting at their kitchen table, eating a meal together.

Adolescence is a challenging time, not only for teens but also for their families. NICHD research aims to protect the health and welfare of adolescents during this important and understudied transition to adulthood.

Learn more about the institute’s advances in adolescent health.

Developing New Treatments and Technologies

Dorsal view of bones, scales, and lymphatic vessels in a juvenile zebrafish.

NICHD’s focus on technology research often leads to advances and treatments that directly benefit patients of all ages and backgrounds.

Learn about new treatments and technologies developed by the institute.

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