Find a Study on Pregnancy Loss (Before 20 Weeks of Pregnancy)

NICHD conducts and supports a variety of clinical research related to pregnancy loss before 20 weeks of pregnancy. Select a link below to learn more about these projects.

Comparative Effectiveness of Pregnancy Failure Management Regimens
This study examines the effectiveness of two drugs, misoprostol and mifepristone, on expelling uterine tissue after a miscarriage. Researchers are studying the effect of one treatment dose without the need for additional medications or surgery.

Folic Acid and Zinc Supplementation Trial (FAZST)
This study is investigating whether dietary supplements of folic acid and zinc can improve the rate of live births for couples trying to conceive through assisted reproduction techniques by improving semen quality.

Improving Reproductive Fitness Through Pretreatment with Lifestyle Modification in Obese Women with Unexplained Infertility (FIT-PLESE)
This study will investigate whether an intensive lifestyle modification intervention—including calorie restriction, weight-loss medication, and physical activity—can improve pregnancy outcomes for obese women with infertility. The study will look at pregnancy loss rate among women in the study who become pregnant.

Optimal Treatment for Women with a Persisting Pregnancy of Unknown Location (ACTorNOT)
This study compares three treatments for a pregnancy that is not progressing normally and may be either an early miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. The researchers will compare the treatments' effectiveness and patients' satisfaction with the treatments.

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