Office of Data Science and Sharing (ODSS)

DNA sequencing results.ODSS was established in 2021 to lead and coordinate NICHD’s activities within data science, bioinformatics, data sharing policy and compliance, and emerging technologies.

As a research agency, NICHD generates through its conducted and funded studies large volumes of data in various forms and formats, across different platforms, and using different tools and methods. The mission of ODSS is to catalyze responsible use of data and biospecimens generated by the NICHD community. ODSS will serve as NICHD’s primary liaison with the NIH Office of the Director’s Office of Data Science and Strategy, to ensure engagement in large NIH data-science and emerging technology programs and ensure alignment with NIH, HHS, and federal programs and policies.

Additional ODSS activities include the following:

  • Develops effective and innovative strategies to advance science and sharing of data from basic and applied research for NICHD populations of interest and directs programs that implement state-of-the-art technologies and computational platforms, tools, and predictive models to identify predictive signatures for health, disease, treatment, and intervention
  • Provides leadership, strategic guidance, planning, and vision for the coordination, planning, and execution of bioinformatics and related -omics and technology programs, initiatives, and activities across NICHD
  • Coordinates bioinformatics and related biospecimen and technology programs, initiatives, and activities across NICHD to encourage innovation, use emerging technologies, and promote a framework to maximize collaboration within intramural and extramural communities
  • Establishes and promotes governance and stewardship of data science and emerging technology programs, in coordination with NICHD’s and NIH’s chief information officers, and synchronizes data-related training efforts across NICHD and the broader extramural community
  • Enhances and federates the NICHD data ecosystem by improving, implementing, and coordinating platforms for sharing and managing NICHD data
  • Builds and reinforces novel public-private partnerships to enhance innovation in bioinformatics and technology development
  • Leads domestic and international data-sharing efforts, initiatives, programs, and policies related to open access and FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) within the context of data security and privacy issues and requirements
  • Oversees compliance of NICHD genomics and technology projects, programs, and initiatives with U.S. government directives, policies, regulations, and guidelines
  • Coordinates development of data standards and the dissemination of high-quality data and open-source software and computational tools from NICHD intramural and extramural programs and participates in publication of standards with NIH repositories and international coordinating bodies
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