Research at NICHD

NICHD researchers have made significant contributions to science and medical care. Their work has yielded safe and effective vaccines for childhood infections, developed cutting-edge molecular imaging technologies, and provided new insights into the risks of certain environmental exposures among populations such as pregnant women, among other advances.

NICHD intramural researchers work on the NIH campus and at other U.S. locations to conduct innovative research. These programs also serve as a fertile training ground for pre- and postdoctoral scientists and physicians.

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Division of Intramural Research (DIR)

Aims to enhance understanding of the biology of development and reproduction.

A series of multicolored circles behind four overlapping circular images. From left to right: NICHD researchers Kyla Roland, Mor Alkaslasi, Dr. Una Grewal, and Dr. Tatiana Rostovtseva.

Women in Science Profiles

Ongoing series that highlights the exceptional contributions of NICHD’s female researchers.

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