Network Projects that Use Non-NICHD Funding

NICHD is committed to providing critical infrastructure support for multisite clinical trials that involve populations of key relevance to our mission. The institute uses extramural grants and contracts for networks of clinical sites, as outlined in NOT-HD-19-041, to support much of this work. However, other options—such as getting funding from another NIH institute or center or going outside NIH to another government or non-government organization—are also available.

Investigators can pursue funding from non-NICHD sources to conduct research on areas of mutual interest using NICHD network infrastructure. NICHD encourages researchers to explore such opportunities, but only within the following procedure:

  • The investigator prepares a concept proposal outlining the project to share with the NICHD Network of interest.
  • The researcher contacts the network of interest directly (or through the NICHD Clinical Network Operations Team) and presents the concept proposal to the network.
  • The network utilizes its standard procedure for consideration, prioritization, and approval of concept proposals.
    • If a concept proposal is approved, the network uses its standard protocol-development process to advance the project.
  • The network shares the approved concept proposal and a proposed protocol with NICHD and requests approval to apply for non-NICHD funding to support the project that uses NICHD network resources.
  • NICHD notifies the network of its decision.
    • If approved, NICHD provides a letter describing the process and decision for inclusion in the grant application to a non-NICHD funder.

Please note: The decision to allow a group to seek non-NICHD funding to support a network protocol does not constitute a commitment from NICHD to approve the protocol or to provide any funding. NICHD will make a final decision about implementing a protocol based on administrative considerations, such as scientific merit, the outcome of peer review, feasibility, and significance.

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