Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. 552, provides individuals with a right to access records in the possession of the federal government. The government may withhold information pursuant to the nine exemptions and three exclusions contained in the Act. For more information, visit the NIH FOIA Web site.

Select a type of funding mechanism to view selected FOIA requests that the NICHD FOIA Office has recently processed. Hard copies of these items are available by contacting the NICHD FOIA Office:

Phone: 301-435-3457
Fax: 301-496-7101

Please note that while some of our files are available in scanned formats, many of these items are available in hard copy only.

People with disabilities who have difficulty accessing information in these documents should contact the NICHD FOIA Office for assistance. Anyone needing accessible versions of FOIA documents, particularly users of assistive technology, such as screen readers, will be accommodated upon request.

View Neonatal Research Network (NRN) FOIA Files.

DP2HD084070-01 From Patients to Policy: Innovative Epidemiology for Implementation Science
R21HD082453-01 Role of MicroRNA 451 in the Pathophysiology of Endometriosis
R21HD085138-01A1 Breastfeeding Support and Weight Management for Black Women: A Dual Intervention
R13HD080904-01 Partnerships to Prevent Childhood Obesity on the Flathead Indian Reservation
R13HD077085-01 The Role of Obesity in Maternal and Child Health Disparities in Jefferson County
R01HD076676-01A1 Physiolgically-based Pharmacokinetic Models for Optimal Drug Dosing in Children
R43HD071654-01 Padres Preparados: An Evidence Base Parenting Intervention for Latino Families
R25HD082971-01 Dynamic Systems Science Modeling for Public Health
R21HD080025-01A1 Machine Learning with Generative Mixture Models for Fetal Monitoring
K99HD084749-01A1 Listening to Mom in the NICU: Neural, Clinical and Language Outcomes
K99HD089753-01 Maternal Inflammation, Diet and Gut Microbiome in HIV: Impact on Infant Outcomes
R21HD083769-01A1 Mother-Offspring Microbiome as Perinatal Substrate for Neurobehavioral Development
R43HD075438-01 Motion-Controlled Gaming for Neuroscience Education
R01HD051698-06A1 A Shared Database for the Study of Phonological Development
R03HD079779-01A1 Bilingual Infants' and Toddlers' Processing of Mixed Languages
R03HD081153-01A1 Developing the Ability to Retain and Retrieve Word Mappings Across Time
R03HD084941-01A1 Mechanisms of Early Bilingual Laguage Acquisition
DP2HD083961-01 Cell Chirality Based in Vito Models for Embryonic Development
K25HD071969-01A1 In Toto Image Analysis of Tissue Mechanics During Vertebrate Ear Development
R21HD080553-01 FRET-based Tension-Sensors for Studying Zebrafish Development
R21HD084285-01 Biomechanics of Gastrulation in Zebrafish
R21HD081709-01 Neurophysiological Diagnosis for Menstrual Pain
K12HD055881-01 VCU Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women's Health
R01HD076189-01 A Cognitive Test Battery for Intellectual Disabilities
R43HD076536-01A1 Rapid, Point-of-Care Diagnosis of Neonatal Sepsis
R01HD033470-13A1 Social Cognition in Williams Syndrome
R21HD088005-01A1 Antibiotic Effects on the Developing Microbiome Metabolome and Morbidites in Preterm Neonates
R03HD089006-01 Label Free Quantitative Proteomic Methods for Developmental Pharmacology
R01HD032257-10A1 Trial of Viamins in HIV Progression and Transmission
R01HD044796-01A2 Neurocognitive Development of Children Living in Poverty
R01HD048969-01A1 A Trial of Zinc and Micronutrients in Tanzanian Children
R01HD071664-01 Longitudinal Neuroimaging and Cognitive Study of HIV-Infected Children
R01HD074051-01 Cape Town Adolescent Antirretroviral Cohort (CTAAC)
U54HD087351-01 Myoediting of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
R01HD083881-01A1 Neural Mechanisms of CBT for Anxiety in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
R01HD060072-06A1 Predictors of High-Risk Behavior Among Youth
HHSN275200900012C Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act Data Coordinating Center
HHSN275201100032U NICHD CIO's Technical Support
HHSN275201300388P Nursing Continuing Education Assessment Project
HHSN275201100091U IT Business Analysis, Process Reengineering and Application Support
HHSN275201300084U Application Development IT Support Services
HHSN275201500071U NICHD Applications Development Support Services


NICHD has its own FOIA Coordinator—Earl Blansfield—who handles FOIA requests related to the institute and its research. You can contact the NICHD FOIA Office at the following address:

31 Center Drive, Room 2A32
Bethesda, MD, 20892
Phone: 301-435-3457
Fax: 301-496-7101

In addition, all FOIA requests may be sent to the NIH FOIA Office (Phone: 301-496-5633).

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