Find a Study on SIDS

  • Social Media and Risk-reduction Training for Infant Care Practices (SMART)
    The SMART study will draw on collaboration between leaders in the field and the use of social marketing strategies and mobile technology to assess the effectiveness of safe sleep and breastfeeding initiatives. Researchers will study 16 hospitals and recruit 1,600 mothers who will be given both safe sleep and breastfeeding education, safe sleep education only, or breastfeeding education only.
  • Promoting Optimal Parenting (Bright Start)
    Bright Start will enroll 500 first-time mothers (ages 18 to 23 years) of healthy newborns to determine whether a variety of parenting education materials delivered in different ways for the first 30 months of the infant's life increase child-parent attachment, promote mother-child interaction, and improve the child's cognitive, language, and emotional development. The study will also measure the cost-effectiveness of delivering these materials.

Information on current clinical trials on SIDS is available at the link below or by calling 800-411-1222.

All Clinical Trials on SIDS

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