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  • Effect of Botox and Vibration on Bone in Children with Cerebral Palsy
    One treatment widely used to reduce spasticity in children with cerebral palsy is Botox, which temporarily paralyzes muscles. Low-intensity vibration treatment has also been shown to improve bone structure in the lower extremities of children with cerebral palsy. However, no studies have determined the effect of Botox treatment on bone in humans. The aim of this study is to determine the effect of Botox treatment and a daily vibration treatment on bone mass and bone structure in children with spastic cerebral palsy.
  • Children With Hemiparesis Arm and Hand Movement Project (CHAMP Study)
    The CHAMP Study compares the efficacy of alternative therapies for young children with spastic cerebral palsy affecting one side of the body. The therapy evaluated in the study is called Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT). While the child’s less impaired hand or arm is constrained by a cast or a splint, a specially trained therapist works with the more impaired hand or arm. This study will directly compare different amounts of therapy and different types of constraint to evaluate what works best for young children. Search Results

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