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NICHD takes part in social media activities, which are archived here.

Reddit “Ask Me Anything”: Air Pollution and Its Effects on Reproductive Health, Pregnancy, and Child Development — August 15, 2019 

NICHD’s Drs. Pauline Mendola and Carrie Nobles joined experts at NIEHS for a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” at r/AskScience  on Thursday, August 15, 2019 from 12-2pm ET. The hosts fielded questions on air pollution and its effects on child health, pregnancy, and reproductive health and on how exposures during pregnancy can influence children’s later health.

#PregnancyCardioHealth Twitter Chat – July 25, 2019

NICHD (@NICHD_NIH ) hosted a Twitter chat on pregnancy and cardiovascular health  with the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine (@MySMFM ), the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (@acog ), and the Preeclampsia Foundation (@preeclampsia ). More than 300 participants shared important information and resources about cardiovascular issues during pregnancy, such as preeclampsia and eclampsia, with Twitter users.

Take Your Child to Work Day Livestream with NIH – April 25, 2019 

On Take Your Child to Work Day, NICHD (@NICHD_NIH ) and NIH (@NIH ) co-hosted a Periscope livestream demonstrating a robotic device designed for infants and toddlers. The demonstration was led by Dr. Alison Cernich of NICHD and her grantee, Dr. Peter Pidcoe, from Virginia Commonwealth University, who helped design the device for babies at risk for cerebral palsy.

Facebook Live, NICHD-hosted Community Engagement Forum on Improving Maternal Health – April 8, 2019 

NICHD (@NICHD_NIH ) hosted a Facebook live from their Community Engagement Forum on Improving Maternal Health. During the livestream, panelists took questions on intersecting roles of patient advocates and healthcare providers in improving maternal health.

Pi Day and Brain Awareness Week Livestream – March 14, 2019  

In recognition of Pi Day and Brain Awareness Week, NICHD (@NICHD_NIH ) hosted a Periscope livestream from the Burgess Lab in NICHD’s Division of Intramural Research. During the livestream, Dr. Harry Burgess answered viewer questions and explained how his research on zebrafish can help us understand human disorders like autism.

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) 2020 Livestream – February 13, 2019 

NICHD (@NICHD_NIH ) hosted a Periscope livestream from NIH’s (@NIH ) SCI2020  conference to highlight cutting-edge research in spinal cord injury. Dr. Alison Cernich of NICHD and NICHD grantee Dr. Michael Boninger, from the University of Pittsburgh, demonstrated how technology can help people with motor impairments and answered questions from viewers.

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