McCune-Albright Syndrome (MAS)

McCune-Albright syndrome (MAS) is a genetic disease that affects the bones, skin, and the production of certain hormones, including those that affect growth and the onset of puberty. The NICHD supports research to understand the genetic causes of MAS, how it affects the body, and treatments for MAS and related conditions.

Common Names1

  • Albright-McCune-Sternberg syndrome
  • Albright’s disease
  • Albright’s disease of bone
  • Albright syndrome
  • Albright’s syndrome
  • Albright’s syndrome with precocious puberty
  • Albright-Sternberg syndrome

Medical or Scientific Names1

  • Fibrous dysplasia, polyostotic
  • Fibrous dysplasia with pigmentary skin changes and precocious puberty
  • Osteitis fibrosa disseminata
  • Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia
  • PFD and POFD (abbreviations of polyostotic fibrous dysplasia)


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