Snapshots in NICHD Science 1962-2012: Adult and Family Health

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Expanding knowledge about reproductive processes, the role of population dynamics in influencing health and human development, and ways to enhance rehabilitation is critical to the NICHD research mission because they influence the health of adults, families, and individuals across the lifespan.

Because traumatic brain injury (TBI) includes a full range of injuries–from 'mild' concussions to severe damage that causes significant disability–researchers need new tools for detecting and treating the spectrum of TBI. The Institute's wide-ranging efforts to understand TBI include the development and delivery to market of a new system for measuring head impacts and accelerations that can be mounted in athletic and military helmets.

Looking to the Future

As we look to the future, we aim to develop knowledge and tools to predict or prevent a range of human structural and functional variations and to better understand the developmental origins of health and disease.


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