Director's Corner

Visualizing The Placenta, a Critical but Poorly Understood Organ

Two ultrasound images of the placenta with red and blue coloring to indicate blood flow appear side by side against a black background.Posted on 05/31/2022

The placenta supports pregnancy and influences the lifelong health of both mother and child. Yet it is the least understood, and least studied, of all human organs. In a guest post for the NIH Director’s Blog, Dr. Bianchi discusses work from NICHD’s Human Placenta Project to understand how the placenta functions in real time during pregnancy.

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The Power of Networks

Medical staff wearing white coats and scrubs sit in a semicircle with
their hands stacked in the middle.Posted on 04/04/2022

Clinical research networks bring together scientists, clinicians, and community stakeholders to identify important clinical questions and design and conduct high-quality studies to answer them. Scientific evidence generated by such studies can impact clinical care, as several recent findings from NICHD’s networks demonstrate.

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Prioritizing Mental Health

A sad teenage boy being comforted by his father.Posted on 03/01/2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified mental and emotional health challenges for all of us. Dr. Bianchi highlights research to understand and address factors affecting the mental health of children and their parents.

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Survival of the Tiniest

An adult’s hand holding the hand of a premature baby lying in an
incubator.Posted on 02/02/2022

How early can a baby be born and not only survive but thrive? Dr. Bianchi discusses continued progress in saving extremely preterm infants and highlights NICHD’s efforts to prevent preterm births and improve the care of premature babies.

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Celebrating NICHD’s 60th Anniversary

A black and white photo of President John F. Kennedy reaching for a pen in a crowded room.Posted on 01/07/2022

As we ring in the new year, 2022 marks a special milestone—the 60th anniversary of NICHD.

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