Director's Corner

Empowering Kids in Challenging Times

A group of masked children stand outside a school building.Posted on 10/04/2021

Drs. Diana W. Bianchi and Bill Riley co-write a blog for Children’s Health Day on October 4, 2021.

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Menstrual Cycles as a Fifth Vital Sign

Woman looking at a calendar.Posted on 09/13/2021

NICHD Director Dr. Diana W. Bianchi explains how menstruation provides insights into overall health status and encourages clinical researchers to routinely collect menstrual cycle data.

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Going Back to School Safely

Elementary school children wearing face masks in the classroom.Posted on 08/18/2021

NICHD Director Dr. Diana W. Bianchi discusses NIH efforts to generate robust scientific data to inform policies to return children to the classroom safely and equitably during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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We STRIVE to Do Better

A woman and a boy with a physical disability laughing together while painting.Posted on 06/24/2021

Dr. Bianchi reflects on the life and contributions of Eunice Kennedy Shriver ahead of Mrs. Shriver’s 100th birthday and how improving equity, diversity, and inclusion at NICHD continues Mrs. Shriver’s work.

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A Mother’s Day Message: Time for Action to Improve Maternal Health

Pregnant woman in a healthcare provider’s office talking with the doctor.Posted on 05/12/2021

NICHD Director Dr. Diana Bianchi is joined by NIH Office of Research on Women’s Health Director Dr. Janine Clayton in assessing the growing maternal health crisis in the United States and describing NIH’s efforts to address it.

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