Director's Corner

Supporting Small Business Innovations

A Black woman wearing a lab coat sits at a table in a conference room speaking to two male colleagues. A whiteboard is visible in the
background.Posted on 05/01/2023

Small businesses play a critical role in driving scientific progress by helping to move innovations out of labs and into the public marketplace. NICHD grants to small businesses have supported development of products ranging from the first FDA-approved endometriosis treatment to at-home rehabilitation devices.

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Addressing Inequities to IMPROVE Maternal Health for All

A smiling Black woman wearing a hospital gown opens her arms to hold a newborn wrapped in a blue and white blanket. A healthcare worker wearing green scrubs is handing her the baby.Posted on 04/11/2023

Black people are about three times as likely as White people to die from a pregnancy-related cause, regardless of income or education level. The NIH-wide IMPROVE initiative works to reduce preventable pregnancy-related deaths and complications and promote health equity.

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Fostering Inclusion in Down Syndrome Research

A little girl with Down syndrome sits on the grass with her adult
female caretaker. Both are laughing. Trees and a stone wall are
visible in the background.Posted on 03/15/2023

The theme for this year’s World Down Syndrome Day—With us, not for us—reflects a major goal of NIH’s INCLUDE project, which NICHD co-leads. INCLUDE aims to increase the participation of people with Down syndrome and their families in clinical research to expand our knowledge about the condition and its links to other health issues, with the ultimate goal of improving the health and quality of life of affected individuals.

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Understanding How Digital Media Affects Child Development

A man and a smiling little boy sitting in his lap look at a mobile phone.Posted on 02/01/2023

In this increasingly digital world, we must strive to better understand how technology and media affect development, health outcomes, and interpersonal relationships from infancy through adolescence. NICHD has a longstanding commitment to research on these topics.

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Reflecting on NICHD’s 60th Anniversary Year

Images of a smiling little boy who has Down Syndrome and is wearing glasses, a pregnant woman showing off her post-vaccination band-aid, a sleeping newborn baby, and a seated woman holding her partner’s hand appear within the numerals “2022” against a grey background.Posted on 01/05/2023

Research conducted at NICHD and at NICHD-funded institutions continues to bring us closer to fulfilling our vision of ensuring healthy pregnancies, healthy children, and healthy and optimal lives. 

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