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We STRIVE to Do Better

A woman and a boy with a physical disability laughing together while painting.Posted on 06/24/2021

Dr. Bianchi reflects on the life and contributions of Eunice Kennedy Shriver ahead of Mrs. Shriver’s 100th birthday and how improving equity, diversity, and inclusion at NICHD continues Mrs. Shriver’s work.

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A Mother’s Day Message: Time for Action to Improve Maternal Health

Pregnant woman in a healthcare provider’s office talking with the doctor.Posted on 05/12/2021

NICHD Director Dr. Diana Bianchi is joined by NIH Office of Research on Women’s Health Director Dr. Janine Clayton in assessing the growing maternal health crisis in the United States and describing NIH’s efforts to address it.

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One Year of Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics, and Anticipating New Challenges

Conceptual illustration of healthcare providers and researchers wearing masks superimposed over a crowd of diverse peoplePosted on 04/01/2021

Looking back and looking ahead. NICHD Director Dr. Diana W. Bianchi joins other leaders across NIH in reflecting on the work of the Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx) program and discussing plans for the future.

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Advancing Research to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Long COVID

African American woman in healthcare provider’s office wearing a mask and speaking to a provider.Posted on 03/22/2021

For many COVID-19 patients, full recovery remains elusive even long after they should feel “better.” NIH recently announced research opportunities to understand COVID-19 long haulers, who have what researchers now refer to as Post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC). NICHD joins these opportunities while remaining focused on PASC patients within our audiences of interest—pregnant and lactating people, children, and those with disabilities.

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Taking action against structural racism

Graphic showing link to NIH’s ending structural racism page.Posted on 03/01/2021

Described by the acronym UNITE, the National Institutes of Health’s new initiative seeks to eliminate the pernicious threat of structural racism from the agency, the institutions it supports, and wherever NIH research takes place. In tandem with UNITE, NICHD’s STRIVE initiative seeks to reinforce workforce equity and inclusion, foster diversity in the institute’s external workforce, and identify new research opportunities to reduce such drivers of health disparity as structural racism and discrimination.

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