Is There a Way to Prevent Pregnancy Loss (Before 20 Weeks of Pregnancy)?

There is currently no known way to prevent pregnancy loss before 20 weeks from occurring, nor is there a way to stop pregnancy loss once it has started.

There are ways to lower the risk of general pregnancy complications, but none of them definitely prevent pregnancy loss. Some ways to lower overall risk include:

  • Staying in good health before becoming pregnant and getting regular care during pregnancy
  • Diagnosing any health conditions, such as diabetes or thyroid disorders, and taking steps to manage or treat the condition before getting pregnant
  • Avoiding environmental hazards, such as exposure to radiation, pollution, or toxic chemicals
  • Avoiding alcohol and drugs, including high levels of caffeine in both partners
  • Protecting yourself from certain infections by not traveling to certain areas and by preventing mosquito bites1

An NICHD study found that women who are at higher risk for pregnancy loss because of two or more previous losses may increase their chances of carrying the pregnancy to term by taking a low-dose aspirin every day if they have high levels of inflammation.


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