Spotlight: Selected NICHD Research Advances of 2019: Text Alternative

Developing New Technologies

A genome map depicting DNA as a multicolored series of bars.

NICHD’s focus on technology research often leads to advances that directly benefit patients of all ages and backgrounds.

Learn more about developing new technologies.

Advancing Women’s Health

A woman sits in an exam room listening to a healthcare provider.

From injury differences to gynecological conditions to restorative procedures, NICHD continues to support research that addresses women’s unique health needs.

Learn more about advancing women’s health.

Understanding Fertility and Pregnancy Loss

Bioprosthetic ovary created by NICHD-funded researchers, with oocytes (purple/blue) and follicles (green), to improve fertility in women with cancer.

NICHD-supported research continues to broaden our knowledge about the spectrum of reproductive health issues that affect both men and women.

Learn more about understanding fertility and pregnancy loss.

Promoting Healthy Pregnancy, Labor, and Delivery

Family gathered around pregnant woman. The pregnant woman’s daughter and son are holding their hands against her stomach.

NICHD has long supported research to promote preconception and prenatal care, understanding that a healthy pregnancy can improve the future health of both mother and child.

Learn more about promoting health pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Improving Infant Health

A man and woman sit together on a couch as the woman cradles a baby in her arms. Both are smiling at the baby.

NICHD’s commitment to improving the health of infants includes studying how pregnancy and post-delivery treatments affect overall health.

Learn more about improving infant health.

Optimizing Child Health and Development

A little boy sits in a woman’s lap, laughing as she reads to him.

Research on all aspects of child health and development is central to the NICHD mission.

Learn more about optimizing child health and development.

Highlighting Adolescent Health

Three teenaged girls laugh as they all look at one of their mobile devices.

Adolescence is a challenging time not only for teens themselves but also for their providers. NICHD research aims to protect the health and welfare of adolescents during this important and understudied transition to adulthood.

Learn more about highlighting adolescent health.

Addressing Health Disparities

A nurse takes the blood pressure of an elderly man. Both are African-American.

NICHD has a long history of conducting and supporting research on health disparities in a variety of contexts.

Learn more about addressing health disparities.

Preventing and Treating Diseases

Two researchers in white lab coats, one seated and one standing, are looking at genetic data on a computer monitor.

NICHD research aims to prevent and treat a variety of diseases and conditions that affect children and adults in the United States and around the world.

Learn more about preventing and treating diseases.

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