David Weinberg, Ph.D.

Project Lead, Human Placenta Project, Program Officer, Contraception Research Branch

301 435 6973

David Weinberg earned his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University and spent almost 20 years at the pharmaceutical company Merck, where he led projects focused on early stage drug discovery for the treatment of obesity and developed expertise in translational research. In 2009, Dr. Weinberg moved to NIH as a scientific review officer, where he managed the review of applications on female reproduction and contraception. In 2014, he became the project lead for the NICHD Human Placenta Project, the goals of which are to develop a deep understanding of human placenta development and function; accelerate the capability for safe, real-time assessment of these processes across pregnancy; utilize these methods to distinguish normal from abnormal pregnancy trajectories; and ultimately facilitate development of interventions that may lead to better pregnancy outcomes. Dr. Weinberg continues to lead the Human Placenta Project, but recently moved back toward his early career activities by joining the Contraception Research Branch to assist in efforts to bring forward novel products for male and female contraception.

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