Gynecologic Health and Disease Branch (GHDB)

Under MicroscopeOverview/Mission

GHDB’s mission is to improve women’s reproductive health by guiding and supporting gynecologic research and career development programs with the vision of a future in which women lead lives free of the effects of gynecologic disorders. To achieve this goal, GHDB supports basic, translational, and clinical research programs related to gynecologic health throughout the reproductive lifespan, beginning at puberty and extending through the early menopause.

The branch portfolio includes studies on menstruation, menstrual disorders, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, pelvic floor disorders, and gynecologic pain syndromes, including both pelvic pain and vulvodynia. Obstetric fistula and female genital cutting are also of interest, as they apply to both international and immigrant communities. Emphasis is placed on the evaluation of disparities in the incidence and treatment responses of these gynecologic conditions across various socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic populations. The branch also supports research training and career development programs for investigators interested in pursuing research careers in women's gynecologic and reproductive health.


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