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Building the Maternal Health Research Field

Female doctor in foreground smiling; in the background, a pregnant woman sitting on an exam table speaks to a medical professional.

NICHD-funded research networks have pioneered clinical studies of pregnant women and helped to improve maternal healthcare.

Learn more about how NICHD has changed the maternal health research field.

Leading Global Health Research

A young Indian mother breastfeeding her newborn baby.

NICHD-funded research has improved maternal healthcare in resource-limited countries around the world.

Learn more about NICHD’s global research efforts.

Understanding Gestational Diabetes

Medical professional’s hands using a glucometer on the finger of a pregnant woman.

Gestational diabetes, a common pregnancy complication, affects health not only during pregnancy but also later in life. NICHD is working to learn more.

Learn more about NICHD’s work on understanding gestational diabetes.

Advancing Research on HIV/AIDS and Maternal and Infant Health

Gloved fingers hold an HIV rapid test.

Research from NICHD and other agencies and institutes has changed the course of HIV/AIDS, especially for pregnant women and their infants.

Learn more about NICHD’s efforts to advance HIV/AIDS maternal health research.

Supporting Healthy Labor and Delivery

Mother who just gave birth being handed her newborn baby wrapped in a blanket.

NICHD research focuses on helping pregnant women experience labor and delivery safely, which includes managing and treating problems and minimizing long-term health effects.

Learn more about NICHD research on labor and delivery.

Leading Progress in Preeclampsia Research

Medical professional measuring the blood pressure of a pregnant woman.

NICHD is working to understand what causes preeclampsia and how to prevent and treat this potentially fatal pregnancy complication.

Learn more about advances in preeclampsia research.

Working to Reduce Pregnancy Loss

A couple’s hands holding a baby’s knitted hat.

NICHD supports and conducts research on the causes of pregnancy loss and how such losses affect maternal health.

Learn more about how NICHD research is working to reduce pregnancy loss.

Addressing Preterm Labor and Birth

Woman in a hospital gown helping a premature baby sit up in an infant bed.

Preterm labor and birth can have short- and long-term effects on the health of mothers and infants. NICHD research addresses a full spectrum of topics related to preterm labor and birth, including prevention, risk reduction, and care for infants born too early.

Learn more about how NICHD is addressing preterm labor and birth.

Understanding Stillbirth

An empty crib in a room.

Although stillbirth affects many families in the United States, little is known about why it occurs or if there is any way to prevent it.

Learn more about NICHD’s research on stillbirth.

Advancing Maternal Health

Medical professional performing ultrasound on pregnant woman in a doctor's office.

NICHD has a long history of research contributions aimed at improving maternal health.

Learn more about how NICHD’s research is advancing maternal health.


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