Developmental Biology and Structural Variation Branch (DBSVB)


The Developmental Biology and Structural Variation Branch (DBSVB) focuses on the biological causes and consequences of structural birth defects. Understanding the etiology of these errors in embryonic development provides the most promising route toward improving prevention, diagnosis, and potential treatments for these often devastating conditions.

In addition to studies aimed at identifying and understanding the roles of gene variants, environmental perturbations, and other factors causing structural birth defects, DBSVB supports studies intended to advance our understanding of the fundamental processes underlying the formation and differentiation of the embryo. This basic knowledge is crucial for understanding how the process of embryogenesis can go awry.

Major program areas for the branch include developmental genetics, including genomic analysis of human structural birth defects, systems developmental biology, early embryonic development and differentiation, biophysics/biomechanics of development, developmental neurobiology and neural crest differentiation, organogenesis, regeneration, and regenerative medicine.

The branch also funds community resources, animal model systems, research tool development, and training to facilitate the efforts of the developmental biology research community.


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