Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Branch (BBB)

Calculating percentiles for distance and velocity based on the NICHD Fetal Growth Standard by the NICHD Fetal Growth Team

A Class of Joint Models for Multivariate Longitudinal Measurements and a Binary Event: Using Longitudinal Ultrasound Data to Predict Pregnancy Outcomes in a Fetal Growth Study, by Sungduk Kim and Paul S. Albert

Latent Variable Poisson Models for Assessing Regularity of Circadian Patterns over Time, by Sungduk Kim and Paul S. Albert

Marginal analysis of measurement agreement among multiple raters with non-ignorable missing, by Dr. Z. Chen

Combination of longitudinal biomarkers in predicting binary events: pattern mixture model and shared random effects model, by D. Liu and P.S. Albert

Joint analysis of longitudinal and survival data measured on nested time-scales using shared parameter models: an application to fecundity data, by Dr. McLain, R. Sundaram, and Germaine M. Buck Louis

Modeling longitudinal data with a random change point and no time-zero: applications to inference and prediction of the labor curve, by Dr. McLain and P.S. Albert

Modeling the Type and Timing of Consecutive Events: Application to Predicting Preterm Birth in Repeated Pregnancies, by Dr. Shih and P.S. Albert

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