Infertility Awareness: Share the Facts

negative pregnancy testEven though millions of American men and women experience infertility, myths and misperceptions about infertility are common.

In observation of National Infertility Awareness WeekExternal Web Site Policy, the NICHD is sharing evidence-based answers to common questions about infertility:

  • What is infertility?
  • How many people have it?
  • How often is it traced to women or to men?
  • How do health conditions and behavior contribute to infertility?
  • How does age affect fertility?
  • What can individuals do to learn more?

Check out our infographic to learn the facts, and share it to spread the word.

More Information

For more information on infertility research at the NICHD, select one of the following links:

Originally Posted: April 21, 2014


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