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  • Safety Checklists External Web Site Policy and more are available from the AAP External Web Site Policy. This website offers downloadable growth charts, immunization records, and safety checklists.
  • The AAP offers information about starting foods External Web Site Policy and other nutrition topics External Web Site Policy.
  • NICHD: Tummy Time explains the importance of making sure infants get enough time on their tummies to help their physical development.
  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission offers a booklet entitled The Safe Nursery (PDF - 603 KB). This booklet can help parents and caregivers prevent dangers from furniture and baby equipment.
  • The AAP maintains a listing of pediatric health care providers that can be accessed here: Find a Pediatrician. External Web Site Policy
  • All About Sleep External Web Site Policy , produced by the AAFP, is an article (also available as an audio recording) that helps parents and caregivers understand their child's need for sleep and the child's sleep patterns. It also offers tips to establish a bedtime routine that can help the whole family get a good night's sleep.

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