A scientist pointing at a screen leads a presentation before other scientists.NICHD recognizes that improving diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA); addressing discrimination; and mitigating disparities requires an internal look at our own policies and practices and establishing and implementing new priorities.

Our internal action plan will help NICHD address the STRIVE initiative’s three distinct but inter-related themes:

  • Theme 1: Ensuring DEIA in NICHD’s workforce
    Examining our own practices, policies, and programs will improve DEIA across all NICHD career paths and levels throughout the organization: Intramural, Extramural, Executive, Administrative, Support, and Other.
  • Theme 2: Enhancing opportunities for DEIA in the broader scientific workforce
    Assessing and realigning investments in the institutions and researchers we support, including our intramural and extramural trainees and fellows, allows NICHD to improve DEIA within the scientific community.
  • Theme 3: Planning, conducting, and supporting health disparities research
    Reviewing the research supported and conducted across the institute’s health disparities research portfolio will improve public health for underrepresented populations and inform solutions that are designed to eliminate health disparities and promote equitable health for all.

STRIVE is moving to an implementation phase for our Action Plan and will collect data on our progress to celebrate successes and overcome challenges.

The STRIVE Action Plan will be adopted in fiscal year 2023 and will be incorporated into the NICHD Strategic Plan. Baseline and subsequent data will help NICHD track its progress on STRIVE.

Because all the themes are equally important to the institute, the Action Plan will address each theme individually, while also noting opportunities for synergy across themes.

Multiple STRIVE activities aim to inform the Action Plan. Learn more about these activities.

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