STRIVE Activities

A group of employees looking at a document together in an office. To help inform the STRIVE Action Plan, NICHD has many activities planned related to its three themes, and to enhancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA).

Broad involvement in these activities from various populations and communities allows for a more comprehensive Action Plan. NICHD invites individuals and groups to participate in as many activities as possible to ensure a wide range of perspectives are considered.

Check out an update on STRIVE from the June meeting of the National Advisory Child Health and Human Development Council.

Please sign up for the STRIVE listserv for initiative updates.  

Theme 1 (Ensuring DEIA in NICHD’s Workforce) Activities

  • Coordinate annual Manual Directive 715 Report
  • Administer pulse survey, analyze data, and make recommendations
  • Conduct NICHD demographic and personnel actions trend analysis
  • Launch and maintain internal brown bag series and information exchanges

Theme 2 (Enhancing Opportunities for DEIA in the Broader Scientific Workforce) Activities

  • Analyze NICHD’s trainees and project directors/principal investigators
  • Plan and host a Scientific Workforce Diversity Workshop

Theme 3 (Planning, Conducting, and Supporting Health Disparities Research) Activities

  • Analyze NICHD’s health disparities research portfolio
  • Tailor online platform to gather feedback and engage stakeholders
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