Find a Study on Bullying

NICHD conducts and supports a variety of clinical research projects related to bullying. Select a link below to learn more about these projects.

  • Randomized Control Trial of the Restorative Practices Intervention (RPI)
    The RPI is a whole-school intervention aimed at improving the school environment and will be integrated into existing school practices rather than being "added on." The study, supported by NICHD, will assess the effect of this intervention on school climate, including peer connectedness and bullying.
  • Health Behavior in School-Age Children: NEXT Longitudinal Study: 2009–2013
    NEXT is a 4-year longitudinal assessment of a representative sample of U.S. schoolchildren starting at grade 10. The study will examine adolescent health status and health behaviors from mid-adolescence through the post-high school year. Measures will be collected annually for 4 years beginning in the 2009–2010 school year. Hispanic and African American youth will be oversampled to provide better population estimates of these groups and to provide an adequate sample to examine racial and ethnic differences in longitudinal predictors of health, health behaviors, and health behavioral changes.

Information on current NIH-sponsored clinical trials on bullying is available by following the link below or by calling 800-411-1222.

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