Gelatin Coated Slides

Gelatin solution should be freshly prepared on the day of use and discarded. To 500ml of dH2O at 56°C, slowly add 0.5g of pig skin gelatin (Sigma Gelatin from Porcine Skin) over a period of 5 to 10 mins. When cool, add 0.25g chrom alum and mix well.

  1. Place glass slides in a suitable slide holder (Thomas Scientific Part # 8542K20) and rinse slides in hot water to wet.
  2. Wash slides in hot soapy water for 10min. with occasional agitation.
  3. Rinse slides in hot water until all traces of soap are gone. (~15min.)
  4. Rinse slides under running distilled water (~5 min).
  5. Dip slides in 70% EtOH. Drain excess ethanol and dry in a dust-free area overnight. Set slides in the rack at an angle with absorbent paper underneath and cover using a large container, or tin foil.
  6. Dip slides in gelatin solution for 10 seconds, drain excess solution and then dip a second time.
  7. Dry slides in a dust-free area overnight. Set slides in the rack and dry as in step 5.
  8. Wrap the entire rack of gelatin-coated slides in foil and store in a clean area. Coated slides can be transferred to slide boxes for storage.
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