Data Analysis

Extracting quantitative data from scientific images is a critical step in obtaining usable information. The MIC offers several software packages running on high-end workstations. Contact the staff for training and access.


  • Bitplane Imaris: a popular, sophisticated and versatile package for 3D rendering and volumetric analysis. Filament tracing available.
  • Zeiss Zen: full-feature Zeiss package to analyze confocal images, includes deconvolution.
  • Nikon Elements: full license of the Nikon software, includes machine learning module NIS-AI.
  • Fiji: a custom distribution of ImageJ tailored to light microscopy. Fiji is open-source and can be freely downloaded and used. ImageJ has a large community of users and an even larger library of plugins. The annual MIC workshop on microscopy includes a computer lab on FIJI.  


The facility operate a high-end HP Z6 workstation that can be reserved on the calendar (“Workstation 1”): Intel Xeon Gold 6234 processor, 192 GB of RAM, Nvidia RTX A4000 graphics card and 42” display.

Workstation 1 in the lab.
Workstation 1 / GD931B
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