Zeiss LSM 710

Zeiss LSM 710

The Zeiss LSM 710 is a general-purpose point scanning confocal suitable for both fixed and live specimens. Imaging more than 3 colors is possible but requires switching optical configurations. It is practical only when recording z-stacks.

Laser lines: 405, 458, 488, 514, 561 and 633 nm

Detectors: 3 internal, 2 external GAsP PMTs

Emission filters: 370-740 nm, continuous

Objectives: 5x/0.25 Fluar, 10x/0.45 Plan Apochromat, 20x/0.8 Apochromat, 40x/1.3 Plan Neofluar (o), 63x/1.4 Plan Apochromat (o)

(additional special-purpose objectives are available on request)

Live cells: temperature, humidity and CO2 control, DIC imaging, autofocus device

Multi-location and tiles fully supported

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