Leica Stellaris STED/FLIM

Leica Stellaris STED/FLIM.

The Leica Stellaris STED/FLIM is a high-end confocal microscope with an extended spectral range from the blue up to near infra-red (Cy7). The system is capable of 3-color STED at a resolution of 50 nm in xy and 120 nm in z. It has also full fluorescence lifetime capabilities and is a perfect choice for FRET experiments.

Microscope stand: DMi8 stand with AFC autofocus, z-piezo stage, Okolab full Incubation (Temp, Humidity, CO2).

White Light Laser: up to 8 excitation lines from 440 to 790 nm (additional 405 nm laser)

8 kHz resonant scanner

Detectors: 2x HyD S, 2x HyD X, 1x HyDR, Full Falcon lifetime (HyD X and HyD R optimum for lifetime)

Leica Lightning deconvolution

STED: 592, 660 and 775 nm depletion laser, 3D and Tau-STED

Objectives: 5x/0.15 HC PL Fluotar, 10x/0.40 HC PL Apo, 20x/0.75 HC PL Apo, 40x/1.30 Oil HC PL Apo, 60x/1.4 Oil HC PL Apo, 100x/1.40 Oil HC PL STED White

Note: STED requires special secondary antibodies, together with strong and specific labelling. Contact us for details.  

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