Zeiss 900 Airy

Zeiss 900 Airy

The Zeiss 900 Airy is an entry-level point scanning confocal optimized for tiled imaging of large tissue sections. Imaging more than 3 colors is possible but requires switching optical configuration, a time-consuming change. It is practical to do so only when recording z-stacks. Like the LSM 880 Airy, this microscope offers mid-range resolution improvement (120 nm in x/y, 350 nm in z) via the use of an Airyscan detector. The resolution improvement of both systems is similar.

Laser lines: 405, 488, 561 and 640 nm

Detectors: 2 GAsP PMTs, 1 Airyscan module
Note: even if you used the LSM 880 Airy, the Zeiss 900 Airy requires additional training because the software is very different.

Emission filters: 2 continuously variable dichroics, 400-700 nm

Objectives: 5x/0.16 Plan Apochromat, 10x/0.3 Plan Neofluar, 20x/0.8 Plan Apochromat, 40x/0.75 Plan Neofluar, 63x/1.4 Plan-Apochromat
(additional special-purpose objectives are available on request).

The 900

Advanced tile functions in Zen Blue include: multiple custom tiles and support points (focus surface). Note the advanced tile functions are different that the Zeiss LSM 800. Even if you are familiar with the 800, using the 900 Airy requires additional training.

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