Social and Behavioral Sciences Branch (SBSB)

HBBThe mission of the SBSB is to conduct research to understand the social and behavioral determinants of health and health-related behaviors; to develop and test educational, behavioral, and environmental strategies for improving health and health-related behaviors; and to conduct research on the problem of disparities in health, the developmental mechanisms underlying health disparities over the life course, and modifiable intervention targets to reduce disparities.

SBSB also provides service to the division, institute, NIH, HHS, and the profession via consultation, collaboration, and assistance to advance the goals of the institute; and recruits, trains, and mentors highly qualified students and trainees for professional careers in the social and behavioral sciences.


Video: Why do we study behavioral health?  Stephen Gilman, Sc.D., Chief, Health Behavior Branch, NICHD

Release: NIH study of WWII evacuees suggests mental illness may be passed to offspring

Selected NICHD Research Advances of 2019

Division Annual Report 2017 (PDF 8 MB)

Social and Behavioral Science Branch Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities (PDF 38 KB)

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