Human Placenta Project

Human Placenta Project logoThe Human Placenta Project is a collaborative research effort launched by NICHD to understand the role of the placenta in health and disease. The placenta is arguably one of the most important organs in the body. It influences not just the health of a woman and her fetus during pregnancy, but also the lifelong health of both.

The Human Placenta Project, a complement to NICHD’s  portfolio of basic placental research, aims to develop new tools to study the organ in real time to learn how it develops and functions throughout pregnancy. That knowledge may one day prevent and treat a range of common pregnancy complications, while providing insights into other areas of science and medicine as well.

The success of this effort will rely on the contributions of a broad range of scientists and clinicians, including experts in placental biology as well as creative thinkers in biotechnology, imaging, data science, and other areas.

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