Parent Announcements (For Unsolicited or Investigator-Initiated Applications)

Parent announcements are broad Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) allowing applicants to submit investigator-initiated applications for specific activity codes. They are open for up to 3 years and use standard due dates.

NICHD is in the process of retiring certain broad area FOAs, and instead will begin participating in several NIH-wide “parent” FOAs.  During this transition period, the guidance below is provided to assist potential applicants:

For the February-March 2021 standard application due dates, NICHD may accept applications under the following FOAs:

Mechanism FOA
R01 Clinical Trial (CT) required PA-18-480
R01 Basic Experimental Studies in Humans (BESH) PA-18-480
R01 CT not allowed PA-20-185 (“parent” FOA)
R03 CT required PA-18-481
R03 BESH PA-18-481
R03 CT not allowed* PA-18-481
PA-20-200 (“parent” FOA)
R21 CT required PA-20-194 (“parent” FOA)
R21 BESH PA-20-196 (“parent” FOA)
R21 CT not allowed PA-20-195 (“parent” FOA)

*for the Feb-Mar 2021 due dates, either FOA may be used for R03 CT not allowed

NICHD participates in the NIH parent announcements listed here (sorted by Activity Code). Please consult specific FOAs for details.

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