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Infertility and Fertility: Clinical Trials

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The NICHD conducts and supports a variety of clinical research related to infertility. Select a link below to learn more about these projects.

Featured NICHD Clinical Trials

  • Ovarian Stem Cells from Women with Ovarian Insufficiency
    This study will collect ovarian tissue from women with primary ovarian insufficiency to investigate ovarian stem cells. The study will evaluate the stems cells for potenitial ability to make new eggs.
  • Effect of Weight and Insulin Sensitivity on Reproductive Function in PCOS (PULSE)
    This study will use dietary restriction, exercise training, and metformin, as well as no treatment, to determine the effects of weight loss and/or improved insulin sensitivity on reproductive function of obese women with PCOS.
  • Evaluation of Women With Endocrine and Reproductive-Related Conditions
    This study was designed to allow inpatient and outpatient evaluation of women with a variety of reproductive and endocrine-related disorders for the purposes of research and physician education.
  • Ovarian Follicle Function in Patients With Premature Ovarian Failure
    No proven therapy to restore ovarian function and fertility is available to patients with karyotypically normal spontaneous premature ovarian failure. Half of these patients have primordial follicles remaining in the ovary, and these follicles can function intermittently. This is a diagnostic study that permits baseline clinical evaluation of patients with premature ovarian failure. The findings will determine patients' suitability for specifically focused therapeutic research protocols.
  • Inherited Reproductive Disorders
    During puberty, children begin to develop into adults. Problems with the hormones released during puberty can affect the reproductive system. Some people have low hormone levels that severely delay or prevent puberty. Others start puberty abnormally early. Some people may have a normal puberty but develop reproductive disorders later in life. This study aims to learn more about how these disorders may be inherited.
  • Sperm Banking Among Adolescents Newly Diagnosed With Cancer: Development of a Profiling and Referral Tool
    Despite the known adverse effects of specific cancer treatments on fertility, only 18% to 26% of at-risk adolescents and young men in the United States cryopreserve sperm prior to cancer treatment. The sperm banking rates are even lower among adolescents who have increased anxiety at cancer diagnosis, are lower in age and socioeconomic status, are of evangelical religious orientation, or are diagnosed with leukemia/lymphoma. This study examines risk factors associated with failure to bank sperm among adolescents with cancer, a developmentally distinct population ripe for intervention.
  • Pregnancy in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome II Study
    This trial is investigating the safety and efficacy of two treatments for PCOS-related infertility—an aromatase inhibitor (letrozole) compared to clomiphene citrate—for ovulation, conception, and live births in infertile women with PCOS. This study is nearing completion.

NICHD Clinical Trials Search Results

Information on current NIH-sponsored clinical trials on infertility is available by following the link below or by calling 800-411-1222.

Last Reviewed: 07/02/2013
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