What are the treatments for Fragile X-Associated Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (FXPOI)?

Although there are treatments for some of the symptoms of FXPOI, such as hot flashes, there is currently no treatment to cure or reverse infertility related to FXPOI. However, assisted reproductive technology can help some women with FXPOI become pregnant. Also, quitting smoking might help increase the fertility lifespan of women who are premutation carriers.1

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Keep in mind that women with an FMR1 premutation can pass the altered form of the gene to their children. There is also a risk that the premutation will expand to a full mutation when it is transmitted.2 If this occurs, the child will have Fragile X syndrome.

Women who know they have an FMRI premutation can get genetic counseling before they get pregnant. A genetic counselor can provide information on the FMR1 premutation, the risks of passing the premutation to the child, or the possibility that an expansion to the full mutation might occur.


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