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Get to Know the NICHD

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​ ​​​NICHD researchers and staff​ carry out the Institute's mission through their work in the lab, in the field, and in their offices. The interviews below provide a deeper look at the Institute's dedicated staff, the science it conducts and supports, and what that science means to the public.

Dr. Brett Miller Interview

Dr. Brett Miller: Decoding Learning Disabilities (12/29/2015)
Dr. Brett Miller leads the NICHD effort to crack the puzzle of dyslexia. Research suggests that direct, sys​tematic, and explicit instruction in small groups can help children with dyslexia learn to read.

Dr.  Alison Cernich Interview

Dr. Alison Cernich: Driving Innovation for Recovery (11/18/2015)
A "bionic" arm? Toy cars for mobility-impaired toddlers? NICHD's Dr. Alison Cernich talks about technologies on the cutting edge of rehabilitation research—and where the future is headed.

Dr. Chris McBain Interview

Dr. Chris McBain: The Electric Brain Reveals its Wiring (7/31/2015)
How the brain's "wiring" develops and works—and what happens when it goes wrong—are the types of questions Dr. Chris McBain's laboratory investigates. His work could provide clues to understanding conditions like epilepsy, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer's disease.

Dr. Lisa Halvorson Interview

Dr. Lisa Halvorson: Renewed Focus on Women's Health (5/19/2015)
The Gynecologic Health and Disease Branch is a relative newcomer to the NICHD family, even though gynecologic research has been an important part of the institute's portfolio since it was founded. Branch chief Dr. Lisa Halvorson talks about her vision for the branch and how she sees it influencing women's health.

Dr. Esther Eisenberg Interview

Dr. Esther Eisenberg: Taking Aim at Endometriosis (4/16/2015)
The NICHD's Dr. Esther Eisenberg discusses what we know of this often painful condition and highlights promising areas of research.

Dr. Matthew Barber and Dr. Susan Meikle Interview

Matthew Barber, M.D., M.H.S., and Susan Meikle, M.D., M.S.P.H.: Finding Better Treatments for Pelvic Floor Disorders (5/12/2014)
Nearly one in four women between the ages of 20 and 80 has a pelvic floor disorder. As we highlight research on women's health this May, learn from Program Officer Susan Meikle and NICHD grantee Matthew Barber about the profound lifestyle effects of these disorders and how resear​ch is helping to improve available treatments.

Dr. Stuart Moss and Dr. Susan Taymans Interview

Stuart B. Moss, Ph.D., and Susan Taymans, Ph.D.: Dispelling Infertility Myths (4/17/2014)
Misperceptions about infertility abound—starting with how many couples experience it. In observation of National Infertility Awareness Week, NICHD Program Officers Drs. Stuart B. Moss and Susan Taymans sit down to discuss the facts.

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