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Leah Rosin, Ph.D.

Quote from Leah Rosin, Ph.D., Earl Stadtman Investigator and Head of the Unit on Chromosome Dynamics: "I came across my current research serendipitously. While using fluorescence microscopy to validate findings, I saw beautiful and strange things under the microscope during meiosis. I’ve been hooked ever since!"

Dr. Leah Rosin attributes an enthusiastic high school biology teacher for first inspiring her interest in science and genetics. She also praises how choosing the right doctoral mentor can provide the training and support needed to learn the skills for advancing or maybe even switching fields after graduate school.  

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Virginia Salo, Ph.D.

Quote from Virginia Salo, Ph.D., program officer with the Child Development and Behavior Branch: 'Be honest with yourself about what your priorities are—not what others tell you should be your priorities. Getting to a place where you can be truthful with yourself will help when you have to make hard decisions.'

Dr. Virginia Salo knew the moment she began collecting information for her master’s program in experimental psychology that she enjoyed data analysis. A change in advisors during her Ph.D. studies aligned with her own shifting research interests and led to her focus on preverbal development in infancy and the internal and external factors that create the foundation for successful communication and language development.

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Amanda Alise Price, Ph.D.

Quote from Amanda Alise Price, Ph.D., director of the NICHD Office of Health Equity and chief scientific diversity officer: 'At NICHD, I truly get to utilize the breadth of my experiences to shape how an NIH institute approaches supporting the scientific workforce and contributes to advancing research on health disparities and health equity.'

Dr. Amanda Alise Price is director of the Office of Health Equity and chief scientific diversity officer at NICHD. An exercise physiologist by training and artist in her downtime, Dr. Price is passionate about leading and shaping NICHD’s vision of and leading initiatives on diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

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Stephen Gilman, Sc.D.

Quote from Stephen Gilman, Sc.D., chief of the NICHD Social and Behavioral Sciences Branch, Division of Population Health Research: “Never lose sight of your sense of purpose--what brought you into this career. That will keep you motivated. If the discoveries you are striving for were easy to uncover, they would have already been discovered.”

Dr. Stephen Gilman started his professional career in documentary photography. His first post-photography job, as a research assistant, led him to discover his interest in science as well as his first two mentors.

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Nancy Zhou, Ph.D.

Quote from Nancy Zhou, Ph.D., chief of the NICHD Referral and Program Analysis Branch: “I appreciate the opportunity to empower our institute to make informed decisions based on data. My responsibility to modernize, streamline, and enhance scientific coding and analysis will ultimately have a profound impact on our institute.”

Dr. Nancy Zhou finds great value in mentorship, whether as the mentor or mentee. She attributes much of her success to mentors who guided her through various career milestones and is determined to share that same support with others, particularly with women in the fields of science and technology.

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David Weinberg, Ph.D.

Quote from David Weinberg, Ph.D., lead on the NICHD Human Placenta Project and program officer with the Pregnancy and Perinatology Branch: “There is a whole world of interesting questions out there, and opportunities to do meaningful work wait around every corner. Approach the world with a sense of curiosity and be open to new ideas and directions.”

In every work position Dr. David Weinberg has held, he tries to bring enthusiasm, an open mind, and a willingness to carry his share of the workload. He also always seeks mentorship from persons above, equal to, and below him in the organization, as each person’s experience with him is slightly different, and all have lessons to teach him.

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Mark Stopfer, Ph.D.

Quote from Mark Stopfer, Ph.D., head of the Section on Sensory Coding and Neural Ensembles: “NIH's high-risk, high-reward approach appealed to me. I don't like to nibble around the edges of scientific problems. NICHD offered the opportunity to tackle difficult and interesting questions in ways that are hard to accomplish elsewhere.”

A childhood fascination with understanding how things worked was the spark that ignited Dr. Mark Stopfer’s interest in studying the brain and how it processes information.

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Ryan Dale, Ph.D., M.S.

Quote from Ryan Dale, Ph.D., M.S., senior scientist and head of the Bioinformatics and Scientific Programming Core: “Science is more about people than you think. It’s a small world. Be kind, thoughtful, and helpful; over time, the interest on that can compound into a network of colleagues and collaborators who together can make a large impact.”

Dr. Ryan Dale’s early research experiences spanned from the Midwest prairie to the coastal estuaries of Maine.

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Rebecca Rosen, Ph.D.

Quote from Rebecca Rosen, Ph.D., director of the Office of Data Science and Sharing: “We are working to foster a culture of responsible, innovative use of data and biospecimens that accelerates research and improves health for NICHD populations. To achieve this vision, we must work with and listen to all NICHD communities.”

Dr. Rebecca Rosen joined NICHD in July 2021 as the director of the institute’s newly established Office of Data Science and Sharing.

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Samantha Calabrese, M.P.H.

Quote from Samantha Calabrese, M.P.H., public health analyst for the Maternal and Pediatric Infectious Disease Branch: "One of the most valuable components of the NICHD family is the diversity of perspectives working together. There is never a dull moment."

Samantha Calabrese, M.P.H., realized during a conversation with a high school teacher that one day she wanted to work for NIH. As a public health analyst for NICHD’s Maternal and Pediatric Infectious Disease Branch, she supports domestic and international research, training, and career development programs in HIV and other significant infectious diseases.

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