BPCA Stakeholders Meetings

The NIH BPCA program hosts and participates in a variety of meetings related to its efforts, initiatives, and collaborations.

NIH BPCA stakeholders meetings include presentations about the status of the program, progress from BPCA-funded research, review and discussion of proposed future therapeutic areas, and updates on currently funded studies. In addition, any BPCA-related working groups or members of public assemblies often present about their activities related to gaps in pediatric therapeutic research or other BPCA-funded initiatives. In 2020, this included discussions regarding the BPCA Framework to Enable Pediatric Drug Development.

In 2023, the annual meeting focused on the training mandate of the BPCA and served as an orientation for trainees in clinical pharmacology. The three-fold purpose of the 2023 meeting was to: provide an introduction and update on the BPCA clinical program at NIH; familiarize fellows and scholars with the organization's history, current undertakings, and resources; and foster successful integration into the BPCA-funded Clinical Pharmacology Training Network.

Information on other conferences and symposia is available in the Archives.

2023 BPCA Meeting and Trainee/Scholar Orientation
July 17-18, 2023
Meeting Minutes for the 2023 BPCA Meeting and Trainee/Scholar Orientation (PDF 321 KB)

2022 BPCA Stakeholders Meeting
December 8-9, 2022
Meeting Minutes for the 2022 BPCA Stakeholders Meeting (PDF 523 KB)

2021 BPCA Stakeholders Meeting
December 2-3, 2021
Meeting Minutes for the 2021 BPCA Stakeholders Meeting (PDF 319 KB)

2020 BPCA Stakeholders Meeting
December 14-15, 2020
Meeting Minutes for the 2020 BPCA Stakeholders Meeting (PDF 218 KB)

2019 BPCA Stakeholders Meeting
March 22, 2019
Meeting Minutes for the 2019 BPCA Stakeholders Meeting (PDF 458 KB)

Meeting minutes from 2003 to 2016 are available in the BPCA Stakeholders Meetings Archive.

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