Preprint: Differentiation trajectories of the Hydra nervous system reveal transcriptional regulators of neuronal cell fate

March 16, 2023

Our long-term collaboration with the lab of Celina Juliano continues! We have previously profiled cells during Hydra homeostatic development using single-cell RNAse, but here we dive in specifically to the nervous system. Abby generated new single-cell RNAseq libraries after enriching for neurons, which allowed us to more comprehensively reconstruct the developmental trajectories that give rise to these distinct neural types. Moreover, it allowed us to explore the multiple trajectories that can give rise to many of these cell types: direct specification from interstitial stem cells, compared to transdifferentiation from other neuronal cell types as cells move along the Hydra body column.

Read it at bioRxiv! external link

Multiple developmental trajectories that give rise to ectodermal neurons, as visualized using a force-directed layout.

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