Recent Publications

  • Liskovykh M, Goncharov NV, Petrov N, Aksenova V, Pegoraro G, Ozbun LL, Reinhold WC., Varma S., Dasso M, Kumeiko V, Masumoto H, Earnshaw WC, Larionov V, Kouprina B. A novel assay to screen siRNA libraries identifies protein kinases required for chromosomal transmission. Genome Res. 2019 10:1719-1732.
  • Demidov O, Aksenova V, Dasso M, Arnaoutov A. The cell nucleus. A study in Burgundy. Nucleus 2019 10:213-217.
  • Dasso M, Fontoura BMA. Editorial overview: The cell nucleus: Dynamic interplay of shape and function. Curr Opin Cell Biol. 2018 Jun;52:iv-vi.
  • Zhang MS, Furuta M, Arnaoutov A, Dasso M. RCC1 regulates inner centromeric composition in a Ran-independent fashion. Cell Cycle 2018 17:739-748.
  • Dasso M. Catch and release: 14-3-3 controls Ncd in meiotic spindles. J Cell Biol 2017 216:3003-3005.
  • Chaudhary R, Gryder B, Woods WS, Subramanian M, Jones MF, Li XL, Jenkins LM, Shabalina SA, Mo M, Dasso M, Yang Y, Wakefield LM, Zhu Y, Frier SM, Moriarity BS, Prasanth KV, Perez-Pinera P, Lal A. Prosurvival long noncoding RNA PINCR regulates a subset of p53 targets in human colorectal cancer cells by binding to Matrin 3. Elife 2017 6:e23244.
  • Dasso M, Fontoura BM. Gating immunity and death at the nuclear pore complex. Cell 2016 166:1364-1366.
  • Markossian S, Arnaoutov A, Saba NS, Larionov V, Dasso M. Quantitative assessment of chromosome instability induced through chemical disruption of mitotic progression. Cell Cycle 2016 15:1706-1714.
  • Zhang MS, Arnaoutov A, Dasso M. RanBP1 governs spindle assembly by defining mitotic Ran-GTP production. Dev Cell 2014 31:393-404.
  • Arnaoutov A, Dasso M. Enzyme regulation. IRBIT is a novel regulator of ribonucleotide reductase in higher eukaryotes. Science 2014 345:1512-1515.

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