Lab Members

Ryan Fishman headshot.

Ryan Fishman

Postbaccalaureate Fellow
B.S. University of Florida
Julia Silberman headshot.

Julia Silberman

Postbaccalaureate Fellow
B.S. Tufts University

Lab Photos

Group photo of Adams lab at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

Adams Lab Summer 2023

Hiking at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Group photo of Adams lab at Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland.

Adams Lab Summer 2022

Hiking at Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland

Group photo of Adams lab.

Adams Lab Summer 2021

Summer Internship Program

Microbial genomics based virtual summer internship program - established in collaboration with Dr. Gisela Storz and Dr. Matthias Machner in 2021.

In 2023 this was adapted into V-SOAR (Virtual Summer Opportunities to Advance Research):

A 9-week summer internship that includes lectures, journal clubs, career presentations, science communication and science ethics workshops, and an independent research project. Interns use online interactive genome browsers and sequencing data to identify novel genes across a range of bacteria including: B. burgdorferi, E. coli, L. pneumophila, K. pneumoniae, and P. aeruginosa.

Screenshot of Zoom meeting with V-SOAR Interns 2023.

V-SOAR Interns 2023

Monica Bustamante - Arizona State University
Ashu Cingareddy - University of Texas at Dallas
Learta Hasangjekaj - University of Colorado, Boulder
Jeanine Henry-George - Brown University
Zoe Jones - Mercer University
Soven Kumar - University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Sydney Murphy - Virginia Tech
Minh Ngoc Nguyen - University of Houston
Manav Patel - Virginia Commonwealth University
Jaden Sauer - University Wisconsin-Madison
Alyssa Sim - University of Michigan
Navpreet Singh - Rutgers University
Maggie Sorensen - University of Minnesota
Lily Wang - Emory University
Dylan Woolsey - University of Georgia

Screenshot of Zoom meeting with Summer 2022 Interns.

Summer Interns 2022

Lillian (Lily) Adkins - NICHD Intern - Northern Virginia Community College
Maryam Al Naseri - Stevenson University
Giselle Dilone - University of Maryland
Eric Lin - California Polytechnic Pomona University
Ruth Medrano - Brooklyn College
Raghib Nihal - NICHD Intern - Virginia Commonwealth University  
Ammar Siddiqi - CSOAR Program - Rice University  
Darel Snead - CSOAR Program - Virginia Tech
Travis Tran - CCSEP Program - Montgomery College
Shamel Wilson - Howard University

Screenshot of video conference of Adams Lab Summer Interns 2021

Summer Interns 2021

Abigail Burkhart – CSOAR Program - University of South Dakota
Melanie Danso - NICHD Intern - University of Maryland
Adan Lepe - NICHD Intern - Amherst College
Alexandra McDonald - NICHD Intern - Yorktown High School
Alexa Moore - NICHD Intern - Howard University
Lauren McQuaide - CSOAR Program - Western Kentucky University
Candice Nicholas - CCSEP Program - Montgomery College
Malaika Nyawara - NICHD Intern - University of Maryland
Aakash Manoj Patel - GSOAR Program - University of Tennessee
David Song - CSOAR Program - University of Maryland
Daniel Soliman - NICHD Intern - UNC Chapel Hill
Timothy Stocker - CCSEP Program - Northern Virginia Community College
Ayden Teye - NCI Intern - University of California, Irvine

Lab Alumni

Maxime Zamba-Campero headshot.

Maxime Zamba-Campero

Current Position:
University of Pennsylvania
Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Group
PhD Student

Adams lab Postbaccalaureate Fellow 2019-2021
B.S. St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Daniel Tetreault headshot.

Daniel Tetreault

Current Position:
Cornell University
PhD Student

Adams lab Postbaccalaureate Fellow 2020-2022
B.A. Middlebury College

Emily Petroni headshot.

Emily Petroni

Current Position:
Vanderbilt University
School of Medicine
Medical Student

Adams lab Postbaccalaureate Fellow 2021-2023
B.S. Harvey Mudd College
Daniel Soliman headshot.

Daniel Soliman

Current Position:
Washington University in St. Louis
School of Medicine
Medical Student

Adams lab Postbaccalaureate Fellow 2022-2023
B.S. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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