How much sleep do I need?

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, the amount of sleep people needs depends on several factors, including their age, individual requirements, and whether they have been getting adequate sleep.1

In 2015, researchers affiliated with the National Sleep Foundation released revised recommendations for sleep duration by age. The revisions, included below, were based on a review of more than 300 research studies: 2

Age Group Amount of Sleep Needed
(0 to 3 months)
14 to 17 hours per day
(4 to 11 months)
12 to 15 hours
(1 to 2 years)
11 to 14 hours
(3 to 5 years)
10 to 13 hours
School-Age Children
(6 to 13 years)
9 to 11 hours
(14 to 17 years)
8 to 10 hours
(18 to 64 years)
7 to 9 hours
Pregnant Women During pregnancy, women may need a few more hours of sleep per night or a few short naps during the day.3
Older Adults
(65 years & older)
7 to 8 hours

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