Jessica Gleason, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Staff Scientist


Jessica Gleason, Ph.D., M.P.H., is a perinatal epidemiologist whose research focuses on using developmental origins of health and disease theories to explore how exposures during pregnancy and early life influence health trajectories across the life course. Specifically, her work has evaluated health outcomes at birth (maternal and neonatal) and in childhood (neurocognitive and physical growth) after various pregnancy exposures, including timing of delivery and caffeine consumption, and comparing outcomes between twins and singletons. Additionally, she has explored health disparities among pregnant people with disabilities. She continues her disparities research evaluating the contribution of neighborhood factors in race/ethnic differences in neonatal size.

Dr. Gleason earned both her doctorate in maternal and child health epidemiology and her master’s degree in community and behavioral health from the University of Maryland.

Selected Publications

Gleason, J. L., Yeung, E. H., Sundaram, R., Putnick, D. L., Mendola, P., Bell, E. M., Polinski, K. J., Robinson, S. L., & Grantz, K. L. (2023). Longitudinal Child Growth Patterns in Twins and Singletons in the Upstate KIDS Cohort. The Journal of pediatrics, 113720. 1 Sep. 2023. PMID: 37660974

Gleason JL, Gilman SE, Sundaram R, Yeung E, Putnick DL, Vafai Y, Saha A, Grantz KL. Gestational age at term delivery and children's neurocognitive development. International journal of epidemiology vol. 50,6 (2022): 1814-1823. PMID: 34999875

Gleason, J. L., Sundaram, R., Mitro, S. D., Hinkle, S. N., Gilman, S. E., Zhang, C., Newman, R. B., Hunt, K. J., Skupski, D. W., Grobman, W. A., Nageotte, M., Robinson, M., Kannan, K., & Grantz, K. L. (2022). Association of Maternal Caffeine Consumption During Pregnancy With Child Growth. JAMA network open5(10), e2239609. PMID: 36315142

Gleason, J. L., Grewal, J., Chen, Z., Cernich, A. N., & Grantz, K. L. (2021). Risk of Adverse Maternal Outcomes in Pregnant Women With Disabilities. JAMA network open4(12), e2138414. PMID: 34910153

Gleason, J. L., Tekola-Ayele, F., Sundaram, R., Hinkle, S. N., Vafai, Y., Buck Louis, G. M., Gerlanc, N., Amyx, M., Bever, A. M., Smarr, M. M., Robinson, M., Kannan, K., & Grantz, K. L. (2021). Association Between Maternal Caffeine Consumption and Metabolism and Neonatal Anthropometry: A Secondary Analysis of the NICHD Fetal Growth Studies-Singletons. JAMA network open4(3), e213238. PMID: 33764424

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