Selected Publications

  • Lessen, H., Fleming, P., Fleming, K. and Sodt, A., (2018) Building Blocks of the Outer Membrane: Calculating a General Elastic Energy Model for β-Barrel Membrane Proteins, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 14, 4487-4497.
  • Sodt, A., Venable, R., Lyman, E., and Pastor, R., (2016) Non-additive compositional curvature energetics of lipid bilayers, Physical Review Letters, 117, 138104. PMC5134905
  • Sodt, A., Pastor, R., and Lyman, E. (2015) Hexagonal substructure and hydrogen bonding in liquid-ordered phases containing palmitoyl sphingomyelin, Biophysical Journal, 109, 948-955. PubMed 26331252
  • Sodt, A. and Pastor, R. (2014) Molecular modeling of lipid membrane curvature induction by a peptide: more than simply shape, Biophysical Journal, 106, 1958-1969. PubMed 24806928
  • Sodt, A., Sandar, M., Gawrisch, K, Pastor, R. and Lyman, E. (2014) The molecular structure of the liquid-ordered phase of lipid bilayers, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 136, 725-732. PubMed 24345334
  • Sodt, A. and Pastor, R. (2013) Bending free energy from simulation: correspondence of planar and inverse hexagonal lipid phases, Biophysical Journal, 104, 2202-2211. PubMed 23708360
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