Lab Members

Tracey Rouault headshot.

Tracey Rouault, MD

Distinguished Senior Investigator
Anna SantaMaria headshot.

Anna SantaMaria, PhD

Post-doctoral Fellow
Graduate Studies: University of Illinois at Urbana
Research Interests: Exploring the connection between iron sulfur clusters, iron metabolism, and viral replication.
Gennadiy Kovtunovych headshot.

Gennadiy Kovtunovych, PhD

Research Scientist 
Nunziata Maio headshot.

Nunziata Maio, PhD

Staff Scientist
Research Interests: Investigating the molecular pathways that assemble and deliver iron sulfur clusters to recipient proteins and implications for human health and diseases
Publications: external link 
Hayden Ollivierre-Wilson headshot.

Hayden Ollivierre-Wilson

Animal Care Technician
Anamika Singh headshot.

Anamika Singh, MS

Deliang Zhang headshot.

Deliang Zhang, PhD

Staff Scientist 
Christina Porras headshot.

Christina Porras

Postdoctoral fellow
Graduate Studies: Brown University
Research Interests: Iron metabolism misregulation in the CNS
Audrey Heffner headshot.

Audrey Heffner, B.S.

PhD Candidate, Johns Hopkins University – NIH Health Graduate Partnership Program
Research Interests: Role of iron-sulfur clusters in viral replication
Yang Zhang headshot.

Yang Zhang, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow


Samira Brooks
Dan Crooks
Melanie Ehudin
Gregory Holmes Hampton
Anshika Jain
Suh Young Jeong
KiSoon Kim
Gang Liu
Thomas Russell Senecal
Yanbo Shi
Neetu Saxena
Wing-Hang Tong
Hong Ye

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