We want to do science in a laid-back and fun environment but with a rigorous, hard-working and imaginative attitude. We are big fans of sharing ideas and technologies, open science, collaborations and preprints. We are looking for people that like to work as a team and like to teach and learn. We also seek diversity of all backgrounds including scientific, cultural and personal. If this also appeals to you please apply.

We have fully-funded positions at all levels.


We are looking for people that share our enthusiasm with epigenetics, nuclear organization or mouse development. Postdocs will be able to start their own research program or to lead ongoing projects. PhD-level experience in at least one of the following fields is preferred: mouse development, mouse genetics, epigenetics, massively-parallel sequencing-based techniques or computational biology. Postdoctoral positions at NIH are fully funded. Please write a 2 paragraph cover letter explaining your scientific trajectory and why you would like to join us. Send it, together with your CV and contacts for 3 references, to

Ph.D. Students

There are two ways for students to develop their thesis research at our lab:

  1. NIH-established partnerships with academic institutions.
  2. Individual partnerships can be established on a case by case basis.

If you like what we do and would like to do your PhD research work with us, write to


We welcome students that have been accepted or are interested in the NIH postbac program and that want to learn about mouse development, epigenetics, gene regulation and learn cutting-edge laboratory techniques.


If you are interested in working as a research technician in our lab write to and tell us why you would like join us, describe your past experience and your goals for this position. All levels of experience will be considered.

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