Lab Members

Current Members

Keiko Ozato headshot.

Keiko Ozato, Ph.D.

Anup Dey headshot.

Anup Dey, Ph.D.

Senior Biologist
Tiyun Wu headshot.

Tiyun Wu, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist
Keita Saeki headshot.

Keita Saeki, M.D., Ph.D.

Visiting Fellow
Eri Hosogane headshot.

Eri Hosogane, Ph.D.

Visiting Fellow
Lili Chen headshot.

Lili Chen, Ph.D.

Visiting Fellow
Nehru Vishal headshot.

Nehru Vishal, Ph.D.

Sakshi Chauhan headshot.

Sakshi Chauhan, Ph.D.

Visiting Fellow
Morteda Alaamiri headshot.

Morteda Alaamiri

Post Baccalaureate Fellow

Group photo of Ozato lab.

From left:

  • Sakshi Chauhan
  • Keiko Ozato
  • Tiyun Wu
  • Keita Saeki
  • Eri Hosogane
  • Rongqun Li (Guest Scientist)
  • Morteda Alaamiri
  • Anup Dey
  • Lili Chen

This laboratory has full access to Illumina-based genome-wide DNA sequencing and various high-resolution microscopes. It is adjacent to the NICHD animal facility where our mice are housed and bred. The animal facility staff provide excellent technical services and care of our mice. We have full access to the IT service and the NIH high performing computation (HPC, Helix/Biowulf) service for data analyses.

This laboratory thrives in openness and close interactions among lab members. Informal and frequent scientific discussions are highly encouraged, so are efforts to forge productive networks within and outside of the NIH. We emphasize the importance of mentoring, so fellows trained here will become a productive members of the global biomedical research community.

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