• The Legionella Effector Kinase LegK7 Hijacks the Host Hippo Pathway to Promote Infection. Lee PC, Machner MP. 2018. Cell Host & Microbe 24:429-438.
  • VipD is a Rab5-activated phospholipase A1 that protects Legionella pneumophila from endosomal fusion. Gaspar AH and Machner MP. 2014. PNAS  111(12):4560-5
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  • Targeting of Host Rab GTPase function by the intravacuolar pathogen Legionella pneumophila. Machner MP and Isberg RR. 2006. Dev. Cell 11(1):47-56.

A complete listing of Dr Machner's publications can be found by visiting My NCBI Collections.

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