Group History

Current members of Machner Lab.

Farewell lunch at the Potomac River
Back Row (L to R): Sarah Alsuleiman, Mary Thompson
Middle: Summer Khan, Yuen Yan (Candice) Chang, Nicole Ellis
Front: Sabrina Bouchard, Matthias Machner

Current members of Machner Lab.
From left to right: Logan (outdoor explorer), Nicole Ellis, Jessica Tung, Jacob Olondo-Kuba, Candice Chang, Katherine Bonnington, Xiao Li, Yihan Lin (lab friend), Stephanie Lehman, Matthias Machner

Machner Lab group photo - 2014 Holiday Party
2014 Holiday Party (lab members and their families)

Machner Lab group photo - Spring 2013
Yi-Han Lin - Matthias Machner - Ramona Neunuebel - Andrew Gaspar - Kimberly Decker (Spring 2013)

Machner Lab group photo - Summer 2012
Matthias Machner - Ramona Neunuebel - Timothy Evans - Kimberly Decker - Andrew Gaspar. (Summer 2012)

Machner Lab group photo - Summer 2011
Back: Yang Chen - Timothy Evans - Andrew Gaspar - Matthias Machner. Front: Stephanie Wayne - Ramona Neunuebel - Jacqueline Roberts. (Summer 2011)

Machner Lab group photo - Summer 2010
Yang Chen - Matthias Machner - Andrew Gaspar - Ramona Neunuebel (Summer 2010)

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