Ashley Lan Xiao

Research Interest:

  • Investigate the function of neurotrophic factor-a1/carboxypeptidase E on the embryonic neurodevelopment in vivo and in vitro
  • Study the nonenzymatic activity of neurotrophic factor-a1/carboxypeptidase E


  • (2019) Xiao L, Yang X, Loh YP. Neurotrophic, Gene Regulation, and Cognitive Functions of Carboxypeptidase E-Neurotrophic Factor-α1 and Its Variants. Front Neurosci. 2019; 13: 243.
  • (2018) Xiao L, Yang X, Sharma VK, Loh YP. Cloning, gene regulation and neuronal proliferation functions of a novel N-terminal truncated carboxypeptidase E/neurotrophic factor-1 variants in embryonic mouse brain. FASEB J. 2019;33(1):808-820. Epub 2018 Jul 31
  • (2017) Xiao L., Chang S. Y., Xiong Z. G., Selveraj P., Peng Loh Y. Absence of Carboxypeptidase E/Neurotrophic Factor-Alpha1 in Knock-Out Mice Leads to Dysfunction of BDNF-TRKB Signaling in Hippocampus. J. Mol. Neurosci. 62 79–87.
  • (2017) Selvaraj P, Xiao L, Lee C, Murthy SRK, Cawley NX, Lane M, Merchenthaler I, Ahn S, Loh YP. Neurotrophic factor-alpha1: a key Wnt-beta-catenin dependent anti-proliferation factor and ERK-Sox9 activated inducer of embryonic neural stem cell differentiation to astrocytes in neurodevelopment. Stem Cells 2017;35:557-571.
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