We are always looking for smart, motivated people to join our team.

For prospective graduate students or MD/PhD students, there are several programs through which students can join our lab, including the Brown, Johns Hopkins, and Oxford/Cambridge partnerships.

Please email if you are interested in rotating or joining the lab.

For prospective post-baccalaureate fellows, please apply at the IRTA website and email with a brief description of your research interests.

Le Pichon Lab group photo - at the museum

Le Pichon Lab group photo - strawberry picking

Le Pichon Lab group photo.

Hanna Silberberg headshot.

Hanna Silberberg

Lab manager/Biologist
Josette Wlaschin headshot.

Josette Wlaschin

Post-baccalaureate fellow
Caroline Donahue headshot.

Caroline Donahue

Post-baccalaureate fellow
Li Chen headshot.

Li Chen

Post-doctoral fellow
Jorge Gomez headshot.

Jorge Gomez

Post-doctoral fellow
Leana Ramos headshot.

Leana Ramos

Post-baccalaureate fellow


Jacob Gluski headshot.

Jacob Gluski

Post-baccalaureate fellow
Jennifer Osborne headshot.

Jennifer Osborne

Summer student

Lab outings: joint picnic with Chesler lab

Le Pichon Lab group photo - joint picnic with Chesler lab.

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