We are always looking for smart, motivated people to join our team. 

For prospective graduate students or MD/PhD students, there are several programs through which students can join our lab, including the Brown, Johns Hopkins, and Oxford/Cambridge partnerships.

Please email if you are interested in rotating or joining the lab.

For prospective Postbaccalaureate fellows, please apply at the IRTA website and email with a brief description of your research interests.

Group photo of Claire Le Pichon lab.

Le Pichon Lab group photo - at the museum

Le Pichon Lab group photo - on a hike.

Le Pichon Lab group photo - enjoying the outdoors.

Hanna Silberberg headshot.

Hanna Silberberg

Lab manager/Biologist

Mor Alkaslasi headshot.

Mor Alkaslasi

Graduate student

Stefano Antonucci headshot.

Stefano Antonucci

Postdoctoral fellow

Vanya Bhat headshot.

Vanya Bhat

Postbaccalaureate fellow

Jorge Gomez headshot.

Jorge Gomez

Postdoctoral fellow

Peyton Lee headshot.

Peyton Lee

Postbaccalaureate fellow

Eliza Lloyd headshot.

Eliza Lloyd

Postbaccalaureate fellow

Snehal Mahadik headshot.

Snehal Mahadik

Postdoctoral fellow

Sasha Stavsky headshot.

Sasha Stavsky

Postdoctoral fellow

Josette Wlaschin headshot.

Josette Wlaschin

Graduate student


Li Chen headshot.

Li Chen

Postdoctoral fellow

Emily Clark headshot.

Emily Clark

Postbaccalaureate fellow

Caroline Donahue headshot.

Caroline Donahue

Postbaccalaureate fellow

Austin Gable headshot.

Austin Gable

Postbaccalaureate fellow

Jacob Gluski headshot.

Jacob Gluski

Postbaccalaureate fellow

Sangeetha Hareendran headshot.

Sangeetha Hareendran

Postdoctoral fellow

Matthew Nebiyou headshot.

Matthew Nebiyou

Postbaccalaureate fellow

Jennifer Osborne headshot.

Jennifer Osborne

Summer student

Zoe Piccus headshot.

Zoe Piccus

Graduate student

Leana Ramos headshot.

Leana Ramos

Postbaccalaureate fellow

Aditya Santoki headshot.

Aditya Santoki

Postbaccalaureate fellow

Le Pichon Lab group photo - strawberry picking

Le Pichon Lab group photo.

Lab outings: joint picnic with Chesler lab

Le Pichon Lab group photo - joint picnic with Chesler lab.

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